From a Former Smoker

I can’t believe it, it will be 10 years tomorrow since I smoked cigarettes. When I smoked, I smoked because I loved it, but I also hated it. I loved it because it helped me focus when I needed to focus, or it was a great time to brainstorm. But I also hated it because it was a ball and chain for me. A year after I finally stopped smoking, I was diagnosed with mild COPD, I was so angry! How could this happen to me? I’m not smoking anymore! It has gotten better over the years, I used to suffer from asthma and needed my rescue inhalers and Advair and was stuck in bed sick more than I was outside. Today it’s gotten much better; I’m not on rescue inhalers and no more Advair, thanks to Pusi! If I had any advice for anybody it’s please don’t start smoking, and if you do, please stop smoking. This is no way to live a life.

–Wanda Kvasnikoff, Chugachmiut Realty Specialist